Criminal Defense

Royer Caramanis PLC routinely represents clients facing all types of state criminal charges, from the most minor traffic infractions to the most serious felonies.  We handle misdemeanors and felonies both at trial and in appellate proceedings, both in the local courts and in surrounding counties. We have extensive experience with both bench and jury trials.  Some types of criminal cases we handle include:

• Traffic infractions, including speeding, reckless driving, driving with a suspended license, and DUIs
• Misdemeanor and Felony offenses relating to assault, larceny, and “white collar” crimes
• Probation Violations
• Drug and Alcohol-Related Offenses
• Bond Determinations

We also assist clients with the expungement process, if they are eligible.

Our attorneys understand that those who are at the mercy of the criminal justice system face great uncertainty.  Accordingly, we take great care in building the relationship that is necessary to navigate those hurdles and to provide effective, efficient and responsive counsel.  From negotiating a plea agreement to conducting a jury trial, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to aggressively defend our clients and ensure that they receive the best opportunity for a positive outcome in their case.