Ernie Harper has been practicing law since 1994 and has focused on family law since 2007.   Ernie’s philosophy favors negotiated settlement as the most appropriate and cost effective solution in most cases. Ernie favors a personal approach to assist clients in reaching their goals. He discusses and explores facts and goals as part of a thorough analysis of all issues. Experience dictates that is the best way to guide clients to negotiated resolution. In some cases, however, litigation is necessary, and Ernie then fights on his clients’ behalf in the courtroom.

Pre- and Post Nuptial Agreements

We help our clients to set the stage for successful marriages. A clear and irrefutable agreement between a couple as they enter into the marriage contract can be extremely helpful to a peaceful and happy life together.


Whether contested or not, divorce has many possible aspects, including: grounds for divorce, equitable distribution of property, child custody, child support, and spousal support. Ernie Harper counsels and advocates on behalf of his clients throughout this critical, complex and often emotional process.

Child Custody

The custody of minor children can arise as a component of a divorce case or as an action on its own. However it arises, custody can be a difficult and sensitive subject. We will help to secure the appropriate outcome and keep the best interest of the children as the priority.

Post Divorce Adjustments

The need for legal counsel and representation does not necessarily end with the entry of a Final Order of Divorce. We maintain relationships with our clients – sometimes for years – to ensure all matters are properly handled. This may include child custody and child support modifications, adjustments to spousal support, or distribution of retirement assets.