Civil Litigation

Royer Caramanis PLC represents clients in a variety of civil litigation matters in all levels of state and Federal courts within the Commonwealth of Virginia.  The majority of cases handled by our attorneys involve subject matter within the firm’s other areas of practice, including:

•  Breach of Contract
•  Collections
•  Clearing title to real estate
•  Enforcement of Covenants and Restrictions
•  Breach of fiduciary duties in the administration of an estate or trust or otherwise
•  Eminent domain proceedings

It should be noted, however, that despite our firm’s experience and expertise litigating matters, it is our primary goal that our clients avoid a situation where litigation is necessary. For that reason, we encourage our individual and business clients to consult with us at the outset of a project or immediately as questions arise, rather than after a problem has become unavoidable. Part of our goal in providing efficient, effective and responsive representation is to be sure that your legal fees are well spent, and our experience dictates that smaller fees paid at the outset of a project tend to eliminate the larger fees of litigating disputes later on.

Our attorneys handle cases in General District Courts, Circuit Courts and the Supreme Court of Virginia, as well as in the United States District Courts for the Eastern and Western Districts of Virginia and the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.  Always keeping in mind the best interests of our clients, we may also occasionally advise clients regarding their rights to handle small matters themselves in small claims court, if that is the most financially feasible option.  Many cases can be filed in different courts, and the selection of which court provides you the best opportunity for success is a decision our attorneys will help make for you.

Within the context of litigation, we will take all steps necessary to provide our clients the best chance for success. This normally begins with an exploration of the possibility of reaching a negotiated and amicable settlement. The majority of our cases are successfully resolved in this manner, and the majority of our litigation clients are not seeking to start a fight, but rather to obtain swift justice. When a negotiated resolution is not possible, we further explore the advisability of mediation, arbitration or trial. Litigation is complex and often times unpredictable. We strive to provide our clients all the knowledge and counsel necessary for them to make educated choices regarding their disputes and to find the most efficient and effective way to resolve them. When the choice is made to go to trial, we represent our clients’ interests with the utmost passion, expertise and strength, making every attempt to achieve justice on their behalf.